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Spreadsheet Advantage is an Excel® add-in designed to help Excel® users and developers increase productivity and focus on the real issues in their spreadsheets. Here’s how…

I need to understand a large Excel® spreadsheet. Where do I start?
The Spreadsheet Analysis tool shows you the broad structure of the spreadsheet and how the various worksheets fit together.

I found two versions of a spreadsheet. How can I tell what the differences are?
The Spreadsheet Comparison tool tells precisely what changes have been made. Useful for version control.

I got a “circular reference” error message. Excel®’s Circular Reference toolbar cannot find it. What is causing the error?
The Circularity Finder tool takes the guesswork out of one of the headaches in the development of large, complex spreadsheet models.

These 20 items look similar. How can I check all of their calculations quickly?
The Bookmark Comparison tool can check if similar items (e.g. depreciation of similar assets) have been modeled in the same way.

I need to change an unfamiliar spreadsheet. Will I introduce errors into the spreadsheet?
Use the Color Dependents tool to make sure changes to one part of the spreadsheet will not inadvertently affect another part.

How can I quickly scan for likely errors and potential "trouble spots" in a spreadsheet?
Use the Map tool to show the structure of each worksheet and blocks of cells that contain the same formulae.

I need to check all the calculations that affect these 10 P&L numbers, and nothing else. How can I do this quickly?
Use the Color Precedents tool to highlight all the cells that affect the results you are interested in.

Fast and reliable, using state-of-the-art algorithms

Spreadsheet Advantage has been tested on hundreds of complex financial spreadsheet models and works with all versions of Microsoft Excel for Windows® from Excel® 97 onwards. Its suite of analytical Excel tools uses powerful algorithms to:

Compare Excel spreadsheets or sections of the same worksheet
Align the rows and columns of different versions of a spreadsheet
Analyze the structure and complexity of a spreadsheet
Identify actual and potential circular references
Find all the cells dependent on a group of cells
And more ...

On this web-site you can read about the features available, our history, the various ways of using Spreadsheet Advantage, and how to purchase a copy. You can also download an evaluation copy by filling in your details here.

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