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Features - Spreadsheet Comparison
Spreadsheet Comparison

This feature allows you to compare Excel spreadsheets or worksheets within a spreadsheet . It generates a concise report of the differences in the formulae, input values or results (see the figure below).

• It allows you to compare a pair of workbooks in a single operation. Spreadsheet Advantage generates a workbook containing one comparison report sheet for each pair of corresponding worksheets in the workbooks, thus providing a compact record of the differences between the workbooks. (Alternatively, you can choose to compare a pair of individual worksheets. This can be useful when you want to compare two similar sheets in the same workbook).

• Spreadsheet Advantage intelligently groups adjacent cells containing the same formula when displaying differences. For example, in the figure below the formula in cells AC21:AR21 has changed. Spreadsheet Advantage reports this as a single item, instead of listing every single cell in the range. This dramatically shortens the list of differences, making it much easier to see the important changes.

• Spreadsheet Advantage highlights the differences between formulae using bold, red text (as shown in the figure below). This allows you to focus on the actual changes, and is particularly useful when the formulae are long or complicated.


• The comparison report incorporates powerful navigation functionality, allowing the user to interact with the results dynamically. Special short-cut keys allow the user to flick back and forth between an item in the comparison report and the corresponding locations in the two spreadsheets being compared.

• It is practical to use even on very large spreadsheets. It has been tested on spreadsheets over 30 MB in size and containing over 100 worksheets.


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