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Spreadsheet Advantage will be useful for anyone who deals with Excel® spreadsheets. Listed below are some of the ways in which the powerful tools can be used:

Recipients of Spreadsheets

The Spreadsheet Analysis tool gives you the broad structure of the spreadsheet and shows you how the various worksheets in the spreadsheet fit together.

When receiving different versions of a spreadsheet, the Spreadsheet Comparison tool lets you determine precisely what changes have been made.

When trying to understand the calculations in a spreadsheet, the Bookmark Comparison tool can check if similar items have been modeled in the same way (e.g. depreciation of two similar assets).

Developers of Spreadsheets

The Circularity Finder tool takes the guesswork out of one of the headaches in the development of large, complex spreadsheet models.

The Color Dependents tool can help when you want to make sure a change to one part of the spreadsheet will not inadvertently affect another part.

The Spreadsheet Comparison tool makes version control much easier.

The Map tool shows the structure of each worksheet. By showing blocks of cells which contain the same formulae, it helps you to detect errors and identify potential "trouble spots" in your spreadsheet.


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