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Features - Row and Column Aligner
Row and Column Aligner

When a spreadsheet is modified rows and columns are often inserted or deleted. This means that cells containing the same material will no longer be in the same location in the original and the modified spreadsheet. Before the spreadsheets can be compared, they must first be realigned. That is, rows or columns must be inserted so that cells containing the same material will be lined up. Doing this manually can be extremely time consuming.

Spreadsheet Advantage solves this problem with the Row and Column Aligner tool, which automatically realigns two spreadsheets. It uses an intelligent algorithm, and can cope even if many changes have been made to the spreadsheets. It allows you to realign a pair of workbooks in a single step, and it requires no guidance from the user in its operation.

For a simple example of its use, see the figure below. On the left is the original version of the sheet. The modified version on the right has had a number of changes made: the “Maintenance” category has been removed, and “Electricity” and “Replacement Costs” categories have been added. As you can see, corresponding categories in each sheet no longer match up.

Original Spreadsheet Modified Spreadsheet
Figure2a Figure2b

The figure below shows the result of running the Row and Column Aligning tool on these sheets. The cross-hatches show where it has inserted new rows. Corresponding categories in the two sheets now match up, and so the Spreadsheet Comparison tool can now be used to compare them.

Aligned Original Spreadsheet Aligned Modified Spreadsheet
Figure 2c Figure2d


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