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Other Features

Spreadsheet Advantage contains several other useful features, including:

Bookmarks: Lets the user set “bookmarks” in a spreadsheet, allowing them to jump to a bookmarked cell or range using a specific shortcut key.

Bookmark Comparison: Compares the formulae in two different cell ranges (which may or may not be in the same worksheet or workbook). This can be useful when checking for formula consistency in repetitive spreadsheets, e.g., checking that the depreciation formulae are the same for several different assets.

List Names: Lists all the range names in a spreadsheet.

Color Precedents / Dependents: Finds all the cells dependent on (or that are precedent to) a group of cells.

Nested IF Display: Untangles complicated nested IF functions, making them easier to interpret (and thus helping the user detect errors).

Show Dependent Arrows: Shows the “Trace Dependents” arrows for every cell that is selected, allowing you to quickly see which cells are referred to (much easier than clicking on the “Trace Dependents” button for every single cell).

Find Error Source: Locates the cell that is the ultimate source of the error value (#DIV/0!, #VALUE!, etc) in a given cell.


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